Ergonomics Assessable to all

Workplace Ergonomics

What is workplace ergonomics?

Workplace ergonomics is the application of ergonomics knowledge and methods to assess work and formulate improvements in the methods and equipment used in the workplace.

By using workplace ergonomics consultants from Osher we can assist you to increase the health and effectiveness of both your organisations and your employees, including preventing and managing work related injuries and work-related stress.

Why use workplace ergonomics consultants?

Many companies experience problems in relation to:

  • Equipment, seating and workstation design.
  • The working environment end workplace layout.
  • Health and Safety Improvement Notices.
  • Work methods, shift patterns or workload.

Ergonomists can assess these problems using the most accurate scientific methods and provide Recommendations to improve the situation. Osher also have a keen understanding of Health and Wellbeing and our solutions incorporate the latest research.

When should I incorporate workplace ergonomics?

If your organisation is suffering from any of the issues mentioned above or you want to discuss any ongoing ergonomic concerns.

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