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Onsite  Physiotherapy Services
Improve the health and productivity of your workforce
Onsite Physiotherapy is the first stop to improving the health and productivity of your workforce helping your organisation to maximise their prime asset – the workforce. Focusing on employee health, wellbeing and productivity, occupational physiotherapy is a cost effective treatment for acute and long term sickness absence.
Osher Worldwide Occupational/Onsite Physiotherapy Services
Osher Worldwide  provides a three step approach to maximising health and productivity through managing musculoskeletal disorders
Ergonomic workplace Risk Assessment-  assessing the risk factors (primary prevention) using RISK assessment tool.
Onsite and Offsite Physiotherapy – providing fast track access to effective treatment and return to work programmes that not only reduce suffering but also improve productivity.
Why use Occupational/Onsite Physiotherapy?
In terms of incidence musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest single group of health issues that cause lost time from work. Certain forms of musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain can be quite complex, and if managed poorly both employee and business health and productivity can suffer. Occupational Physiotherapists help both businesses and individuals to reduce the cost of musculoskeletal injury and disease through effective rehabilitation and probably more importantly, prevention.
As well as reducing sickness absence, good management advice will reduce risk of litigation.
By applying physiotherapy expertise, Osher Worldwide occupational physiotherapists work to increase the health and effectiveness of employees, including preventing and managing work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
When should I use Occupational Physiotherapy?
Prevention is better than cure, so don’t wait until you see the signs of overloaded necks and backs in your organisation. Take action now by putting preventative processes in place and establishing effective treatment processes in place.
Managing employee health and wellbeing can be complicated. This is why Osher Worldwide specialists aren’t just experts in occupational physiotherapy, they are trained in treating patients with work related pain, ergonomics etc..
Osher Worldwide is dedicated towards providing robust, evidence-based services. Our specialists will also work with you to develop our products and services to match your exact needs.
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