Ergonomics Assessable to all

Conference & Workshop

Conference, Symposium &Workshop.

  • Symposium on Lumbo-Pelvic Pain at Bangalore, in February 2013 by Dr. Michael Hutson (Consultant Orthopedic Physician, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine), Dr. John Tanner (President, British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine), Dr. Jens Foell (Consultant in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Imperial College, London) Bangalore.
  • Attended RICE 2013 2nd International Conference on Ergonomics May 2013, Bangalore. Theme “Assessment of work related musculoskeletal disorder”
  • Attended Workshop on Revised NIOSH Lifting Equations  Presented by Dr.Daniela Colubini and Dr.Enrico Occupinti founders of Tool from EPM Milan , Italy. Bangalore April 2013
  • Trained in using the internationally validated tools like KIM, RULA, REBA, NMQ, DMQ, WBV, HAV and other tools of applied ergonomics.
  •  Training in “Participatory Ergonomics in Small and Medium Scale industries” by Dr. Kazutaka Kogi, Japan (President ICOH and inventor of Participatory Ergonomics).
  • Training workshops on Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Myotherapy, Alexander Technique, CBT, Yoga, Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders.
  • Attended the CONUDYN 07, on Mobilization of the nervous system held on 19th August 2007 conducted by Federation of Indian manual therapist.
  • Attended Workshop on balance and vestibular rehabilitation physiotherapy perspective on Nov 22nd & 23rd, 2009. Conducted by Manipal College of allied health sciences.
  • Attended Neuro update-2010, 29th August, conducted at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore.
  • Presented my project on “Effect of Glossopharyngeal pistoning training verses Aerobic training on vital capacity and peak expiratory flow rate in over weight individuals – A comparative study “at Continuous professional development program held on 11th March 2009 at KMCH College of Physiotherapy.
  • Total 112 credit hours for attending the CPD program organized by KMCH College of physiotherapy. Topics attended are pain, spasticity, Mechanical low back pain, COPD, lower limb joints replacements, vertigo, physiotherapy in obstetrics and gynaecology, lower limb amputation, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, spinal cord injury, repetitive stress injury, neurogenic urinary bladder disorder dysfunction, and burns during the period of 2006 to 2007.
  • Completed 12 credit hours of course on Acupressure therapy held at PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore on 5th to 7th May 2007.
  • Attended the CME on Electroneuromyography on 29th & 30th of November 2008 at Kasturba medical college, Mangalore .
  • Attended 3 days workshop on Comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with spinal; cord injury held on 19th to 21st Jan 2011 at CMC Vellore and from Dr. M.G.R Medical University.
  • Attended the national level CME on Neurodiagnosis and its application held on 19th Feb at KMCH College of physiotherapy, Coimbatore.
  • Attended the Hand therapy course at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore held on 24th Nov 2010.
  • Attended the CME on Radiology for physiotherapy held at KG Hospital Coimbatore on 25th Jan 2009 .
  • Attended CME on Research Methodology and biostatistics for physiotherapist on 27th Oct 2007 .
  • Attended the Head injury & Neuro rehabilitation CME held on 23rd& 24th Nov 2007 at KMCH College of physiotherapy.
  • Attended CME on Motor relearning program for stroke held on 8th Jan 2007 on Coimbatore 
  • Attended 15 credit hours of national level  symposium on Orthopaedic surgeries & post operative rehabilitation of ACL,PCL,TKR,OHR& THR organized by Dr. Velasamy Ravendran, Coimbatore on 12th & 13th April 2007 at Coimbatore.
  • Attended National level CME on Myofascial Release conducted by PSG College of physiotherapy, Coimbatore on 3rd December 2009.
  • Attended the 5 credit hour symposium on Role of physiotherapy in cardiac rehabilitation conducted by KG College of physiotherapy in association with Dr. MGR medical university at Coimbatore.
  • Attended the Neuro Update 2010 organized by Kovai Medical Centre and research hospital Coimbatore on 29th Aug 2010.
  • Attended CME organized by KMCH college of physiotherapy and gained 85 credit hours and topics attended are peripheral neuropathies, hypertension, oedema, vestibular rehabilitation, movement disorder 1 & 11, Pilates- mat work, sleep Apena, recent trends in electromyography- An update 1, recent trends in electromyography- An update 2, trends in geriatric rehabilitation, electro neuro diagnostic and its application in therapeutics, women health and fitness across the life span- A change or challenges, advanced imaging and clinical relevance to physiotherapy.
  • Attended the national level conference on Medico-legal system in hospital organized by Dr. NGP arts and science college, Coimbatore on 6th Feb 2010.
  • Attended the CME organized by RVS College of physiotherapy on Research methodology and bio statistics in health science on 19th Sep 2009.
  • Attended the state level workshop on Kinesiotapping on 5th April 2009 organized by Vinayaka Mission college of physiotherapy , Salem.
  • Attended the workshop on Kinesio taping on 6th May 2012 organized by KMCH alumini association of physiotherapy.
  • Under went in-service training in Essentials of physiotherapy in leprosy on 23rd March 2008 organized by Schieffelin Leprosy Research and Training Centre.

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