Effective Ergonomics program

Our ergonomics consultancy programme helps businesses learn more about implementing effective ergonomic practices in their workplace.

Ergonomics is a vital component of retail with an objective of ensuring employees can perform their jobs effectively, safely and comfortably. Our specialist Lead Ergonomist Dr. Anoop has worked with some of our largest customers, advising on the optimal layout of equipment within the retail and many other industries.

Ergonomics in Automotive

Ergonomics in
the Automotive Industry

Osher Worldwide  has had tremendous exposure to the automotive industry with projects to all of the domestic players as well as many international corporations.

Projects include but are not limited to:

AshokLeyland plant 1

AshokLeyland plant 2

Ergonomic Consulting Services

Osher Worldwide  provides ergonomic consulting and safety consulting services to companies in the India and throughout the world. Our ergonomic assessments are conducted using advanced tools for quantifying ergonomic stressors. These methods make Osher Worldwide a leader in the successful application of ergonomics to industrial, service and office environments as well as consumer and industrial products.

to assist employers, Osher Worldwide  ergonomics services include: ergonomics consulting, laboratory research, corporate ergonomics programs, workplace assessments, Assistive Technology (AT) interventions, ergonomics training and occupational risk managements. Osher Worldwide also offers a full array of occupational safety services.

Ergonomic Training & Education:

We provide the appropriate level of training for employees, supervisors, and management

  • Office Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics and the Field Service Worker
  • Ergonomics in Manufacturing
  • Ergonomics in Food Processing
  • Back Safety and Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Stay Fit for Work

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