Ergonomics Assessable to all


OSHER WORLDWIDE Ergonomic Consulting Services


Osher Worldwide  Ergonomic Consulting assists organizations with the development and implementation of cost-effective ergonomics programs.

Our research-based training and assessment programs improve worker comfort while lowering injury risks and associated costs.


Osher Worldwide emerged in 2015 after we have recognized a need in the marketplace for effective ergonomics programs implementation. Since 2015, Osher Worldwide Consulting has improved work efficiency for more than 150 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Each of our consultants holds Master degrees in Physiotherapy and Ergonomics from leading universities and has several years of postgraduate experience in the realm of office ergonomics. Our consultants possess a passion for ergonomics and excel at formulating cost effective strategies for improving the health and well being of computer users. We partner with companies of every size to deliver consistent ergonomics consulting across the world.

Founded in 2015 by  Dr. Anoop.V. R  with a focus on creating injuries free and a healthy and active way of working, Osher Worldwide is now the global ergonomics leader. Our founder is a Physiotherapist and Ergonomist  working in the field of Occupational Ergonomics and Rehabilitation of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD) or Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in India from last 9 years.

Mr. Anuraj P- As Founder & CEO of  Osher Worldwide, Mr. Anuraj .P has been involved in all aspects of project management, business development and Administration.

If you need ergo? Contact me and we make an appointment, and start ergonomizing your world. I am an independent contract Ergonomist; I enjoy working with individual clients in addition to corporate contracts. It keeps life interesting and challenging.

Ergonomic / Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Assessments & Solution Development • Corporate Ergonomic Programs and Audits • Ergonomic Workstation Design & practical Set Up • Individual Office Ergonomics evaluation & customeriesed ergonomic recommendation. • Floor wise ergonomic training with practical demonstration of ideal sitting posture. • Floor Wise RSI preventive exercise training. • ODC trainings on office ergonomics, WMSD and CTD Prevention • Physical & Cognitive Demands Analyses • Task risk factor analysis & recommendation report • Entire factory observational ergonomic risk audit & report submission • Job Safety Analyses, Safety program planning and Safety training • Ergonomic Evaluations . Office Ergonomics (VDT, mouse use, etc.) o Manufacturing o Rehabilitation Cases (CSST, WSIB) o Assistance For New Designs (tools, furniture) o Technical Specifications (chairs, consoles, etc.) o Chair Evaluation & report • Soft Tissue Injury Prevention Programming • Addressing the Aging Workforce • Wellness Seminars on diet, fitness, obesity ,sleep hygiene, stress , diabetic prevention, stroke ,hypertension prevention etc • Microbreak Training • EMG and Goniometer Analysis • Education and Training o One to Two Hour Ergonomics Training for employees on Office Ergonomics. o One to Two Hour Ergonomics Training for employees on Laptop ergonomics & ergonomics at home. o One to Two Hour Ergonomics Training for employees on Hand held devices ergonomics training. o One to Two Hour Ergonomics Training for employees on travel & flying ergonomics training. o One to Two Hour Ergonomics Training for employees on visual & cognitive ergonomics training o One to Two Hour Ergonomics Training for employees on driving ergonomics training o One to Two Hour Manufacturing Ergonomics(Manual Material Handing awareness Training for Supervisors and Line Employees o Two Day Manufacturing Ergonomics Training for Engineers, EHS, Facility Managers, Industrial Engineers, etc. o 2 days Train-the-Trainer Office Ergonomics Training Program o 2 days Train-the-Trainer Manufacturing Ergonomics Training Program

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